Elder High School
Tablet PC User Agreement

INTRODUCTION: Elder High School has actively pursued making advanced technology and increased access to learning opportunities available to our students. Using the most current research and best practices as a guide, Elder High School provides students with Tablet PCs. This program continues to be refined to be certain it provides the greatest educational benefit for our students.

EDUCATIONAL USE: The Tablet PC is intended for educational use. Any use of this privilege contrary to the mission of Elder High School will lead to disciplinary action as set forth in the Elder Student Handbook. As such, the items below are strictly prohibited.

  • Submitting, publishing, and/or displaying any defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, harassing, racially offensive or otherwise illegal material, on or off school property.
  • Damaging computers, computer systems or computer networks.
  • Violating copyright laws, including multimedia content.
  • Employing the network for non-educational and/or commercial purposes.


Support for the Tablet PC’s will be provided by the Technology Help Desk.

  • The Technology Help Desk is located in Room 303 and will be open each school day from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM.
  • All necessary software and hardware repairs will be handled by the Technology Help Desk. Students should not attempt to make any hardware repairs on their own.
  • Elder High School has the right to restore the Tablet PC to its original software image whenever the Technology Department determines it to be appropriate or necessary. Students are responsible for ensuring they have backup copies of important data.
  • Each student’s tablet will be reimaged over the summer. A student may have his tablet reimaged one more time during the upcoming school year without a fee. Each additional reimaging for that school year may result in a $15 fee.

PHYSICAL CARE: The Tablet PC is the property of Elder High School, and as such should be treated with proper care.

  • Any Elder/manufacturer identification on the Tablet PC or case may not be removed. No stickers, writing or other paraphernalia may be placed on or attached to the Tablet PC. The student is not allowed to make any physical or electronic alterations to the Tablet PC. A student will receive 4 demerits for removing or disabling any monitoring application.
  • When not in physical possession of the Tablet PC, the unit should be in a secured environment (e.g. locked school locker)
  • The Tablet PC is the property of Elder High School and is to be returned by the student upon demand.


Each student takes responsibility for the reasonable care and protection for his assigned computer while it is in his possession during his four years enrolled at Elder High School. Students will be responsible for any costs for replacement or repair of the Tablet PC that are not covered under the Accidental Damage Protection or 4-year warranty plan. All Elder Tablet PCs are purchased with a four- year warranty.


  • Hard Drive Failure
  • Motherboard Failure
  • LCD (under normal use and care ex. lines in screen, screen resolution issues in normal or tablet mode)
  • Manufacturers Defects
  • Hinges
  • Latches
  • Power Adapter Charger: 1-Year Warranty (May not have any bare wires exposed)
  • Battery: 1-Year Warranty

Accidental Damage Protection: In addition to the four-year warranty, the Tablet PC is covered by a four-year Accidental Damage Protection plan (ADP). The student is responsible for the cost of any damages due to misuse, neglect, or purposely damaging their Tablet PC. Students are reminded that the Tablet PCs are a significant investment and must be treated as such. We recognize from time to time accidents involving the Tablet PC may occur. Conversely, negligent actions and behaviors toward a student’s own Tablet PC or that of another will not be tolerated. Repair/replacement fees, detentions and loss of computer privileges will be incurred if negligence is found. Students and parents will be notified when poor behaviors are identified and charges will be incurred. The chart below provides the estimated cost that will be incurred if negligence is found.


 First Instance Covered By Warranty and/or ADP 



 LCD screen replacement (cracked screen)  $250 $500
 LCD front casing  $15 $25
 LCD rear casing
 $15 $25
 Palm rest casing  $15 $25
 Base Cover Plastic  $15 $25
 Keyboard replacement  $25 $35
 Stolen or lost Tablet-PCTotal cost of available replacement PC
 After First Year of Warranty (or if Lost)  
 AC power adapter  $50
 Yoga 370 Tablet Pen Replacement  $32
 Yoga 260 Tablet Pen Replacement $32
 Yoga S1 & 12 Tablet Pen Replacement  $23
 New Tablet PC Sleeve  $20

LOST and THEFT: In case of a Tablet PC lost or theft, the student must report this to the Technology Help Desk immediately. In the case of theft, a copy of the police report must be provided. The student will pay a fee specified in the Class of 2021 Yoga Tablet PC Deductible chart below if the Tablet PC is lost, or damaged from abuse. If any portion of the Tablet PC is lost, the student will be responsible for purchasing the necessary replacement. The student takes responsibility for the reasonable care and protection of the Tablet PC.

We recommend that parents add this Tablet-PC with serial number to their home insurance policy. Tablet PC Insurance Form can be downloaded from the Elder website.


No writing or etching is allowed on the Tablet PC. Students may not put stickers or decals anywhere on the Table PC.


The Tablet PC must always be carried in the supplied Tablet PC sleeve. Tablet PCs brought to the help desk without the student’s sleeve will not be serviced. Additionally, the Tablet PC sleeve may not be borrowed from another student.

Consequence(s): Demerits and required purchase of a Tablet PC sleeve is lost - $20.


Wallpapers and backgrounds provided in the display properties of the Windows OS, on Elder’s webpage, or Elder sports images/logos are permitted. Wallpapers and backgrounds from other sources are permitted as long as they are obtained legally and the images are in compliance with the school code of conduct.
Consequence(s): demerits and /or report of misconduct


Since screen savers frequently contain harmful code, only those provided in the display properties of the Windows OS are permitted. (For example: any screen savers downloaded from the Internet are NOT permitted)
Consequence(s): demerits and /or report of misconduct


Individual courses may require software as specified by the instructor. Any such required software will be provided to the student by Elder High School. Unlicensed software is not permitted to be installed on the Tablet PC.


Only games installed by Elder High School may be on the Tablet PC. Games saved and stored on any form of external drive (e.g. SD cards, flash drives) and inserted in the computer during school hours violate this policy. Game-playing during school hours is not acceptable use unless assigned and supervised by a member of the faculty or staff.
Consequence(s): demerits and /or report of misconduct


Elder may provide iTunes and Windows Media Player software as part of the student software package. Music may be downloaded and played during times dictated by the faculty. However it is required that all music be stored on a separate flash drive, external hard drive or SD Card. In the event that a hard drive issue requiring backing up files, music files will NOT be backed up under any circumstances.

NOTE: No other music software may be installed on student tablets, such as Spotify, etc.


Movies are not permitted to be downloaded or saved to the student’s tablet hard drive, except video clips for Elder academic use.
Consequence(s): demerits and /or report of misconduct


Skype and other VoIP software (both “Run-time” and loaded) are not permitted on Elder Student Tablet PCs. Students/families who wish to use Skype must use their home computers for this product.
Consequence(s): demerits and hard drive reimaged


Students may only use the authorized ELDER STUDENT network for their wireless connection during the school day. Broadcasting of other networks from cell phones or other electronic devices is not permissible.
Consequence(s): refer to Elder Student Handbook, Personal Electronic Devices

LOST & FOUND: A $5 finder’s fee may be charged for housing a student’s misplaced Tablet PC. The student may also be given 2 demerits and may not receive the Tablet PC until the end of the school day.


  • Students are responsible for backing up all academic files to their Microsoft OneDrive, which will sync their files to their OneDrive cloud storage for their 1st level of file backup. Students may use applications such as SyncToy, which will sync all OneDrive files to a SD card for the 2nd level of file backup.
  • Elder High School is not responsible for any alterations, electronic or otherwise, that are made to the Tablet PC by anyone other than the Elder High School Technology Department.
  • No software should be installed on the tablet without authorization from the Technology Help Desk.
  • Elder High School is not responsible for maintaining or providing technical assistance for any applications not part of the standard Elder software image or any hardware other than the Tablet PC itself.
  • During quizzes, tests or exams, students may not use email, the Elder network, instant messaging or any other electronic means to communicate.
  • Loaner Tablet PCs will only be available for Tablet PCs needing repair.
  • Loaner Tablet PCs will not be available for students who forgot to bring their Tablet PC to school.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to bring the Tablet PC to school every day and with a fully-charged battery. Loaner batteries will not be available.
  • Students are responsible for bringing their power adapter to school each day. Loaner power adapters will not be available.
  • Students will be permitted to print school-required materials on the printers located at Elder High School. Each student was an allocated amount of page printing per quarter. Printing on an Elder High School printer is a privilege that may be revoked if a student abuses the privilege.

Elder High School reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time as needed.

By signing below, the student and parent/guardian acknowledge and agrees to the conditions set forth above, and agree to utilize this technology resource for educational purposes.

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