Tuition & Financial Aid



Our Mission

It is our goal to assure that every young man desiring a quality, Catholic education has the opportunity to attend Elder High School despite any financial difficulties his family may experience.   As a result, Elder commits over $3 million a year to its tuition assistance program.  Approximately 60% of families receive assistance.  Elder uses FACTS Management, an objective need calculator, to help determine a family’s financial need.  Families complete a FACTS financial aid application which FACTS assesses.  All submitted FACTS applications are reviewed by Elder High School.

How Can We Help You?

Doug Guenther, Business Manager                             513.921.3744 Ext. 3408

Maura Korn, Director of Admissions                          513.921.3744  Ext. 3427

Brandon Finke, Tuition Specialist/Admin. Assistant   513.921.3744 Ext. 3458         

Elder Pays

Experiencing the Elder High School tradition is more in reach than ever before.  Through the generosity of friends, family and alumni of Elder, we are able to provide opportunities to make Elder High School affordable for future panthers.  We are committed to keeping tuition as low as possible to enhance the overall experience for each Elder family.  While at Elder High School, students will use one-to-one tablet technology, have the opportunity to receive college credit, as well as participate in enriching community service projects.  The value of an Elder High School education continues to be one of the best in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.