Gift-Gathering Parties


Many of the nearly 600 items or cash donated toward Elderama are made while attending gift-gathering parties held during the summer months. The parties are not only a fantastic way to support Elderama, they are also a great way to meet other parents of Elder High School. No gift is too large or too small for the auction!


  • August 19 -- St. St. Antoninus at the home of Amy and Tony Oliver 
  • August 26 -- Our Lady of Visitation at the home of Amy and Ed Cummings 
  • August 26 -- Our Lady of Victory at the home of Joanie and Rob Engelhardt 
  • August 26 -- St. Catharine, St. William, St. Teresa, St. Al’s and Volleyball Parents at the home of Cathy and Tim McMahon 
  • September 9 -- St. Jude and St. Ignatius at the home of Amie and Keith Wiesman 
  • September 9 -- Our Lady of Lourdes at Champions Bar and Grille

More information about these gift-gathering parties will be posted at a later date. Check back soon!

 Looking for a gift idea?

  • Anything purple or handcrafted Elder items
  • Gift certificates to restaurants, discount stores, florists or sporting goods
  • Tickets to sporting events – Bengals, Reds, FC Cincinnati, XU, UC, Ohio State, etc.
  • Tickets to Covedale or Incline Theatre, Playhouse in the Park or The Aronoff
  • Use of vacation homes, condos
  • Private box to a sporting event or concert
  • Artwork
  • Cash donation is always welcome
  • Frequent Flyer Miles - help create a memorable trip for one lucky Elderama bidder

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