Religion Department

Mr. Roger Auer '72
Mr. Jeff Warren

Mr. Dan Bell
Mr. Greg Dickman '00
Mrs. Julie Martin
Mr. Cliff Pope
Mr. Sean Tierney '93

Freshman Year
Guided by the teaching and tradition of the Church, students will learn about the Old Testament / Hebrew Scriptures and God’s Self-Revelation through salvation history. Students will learn how the Old Testament is used in the Church: in the shared life of the community and in the lives of individuals. Students will be invited and encouraged to use the Old Testament in their prayer and to apply it to their lives.

Guided by the teaching and tradition of the Church, students will learn about the New Testament and the fullness of God’s Self-Revelation, Jesus Christ. Students will learn to use the historical, literary, and theological background of biblical texts in order to come to a better understanding of God’s word in the Scriptures. Through studying the Gospels, students will be invited to get to know Jesus better and to develop a deeper understanding of what it means to be Christian.

Sophomore Year
Students will learn about the Catholic understanding of the Church and its history. They will learn about the role that the Church has played in the world historically, focusing especially on major events in Church history. Students will also learn about the vital role that the Church plays in the world today. Students will be invited to see the Church as a vital community through which they can encounter the living Christ.

Students will learn about Catholic Social Teaching, seeing this body of teaching as essential to living as a faithful Catholic. Students will learn about some of the injustices present in our world. They will begin to develop skills to help them to identify injustice and to find ways to address its causes.

Junior Year
Students will explore the Catholic understanding of the human person and reflect on key questions to clarify the role of morality in the human search for true happiness and holiness. Students will explore and reflect upon a variety of moral issues, explore a systemic approach to moral problem solving, deepen their understanding of how to properly form their conscience, and be encouraged to discern how they can live more faithfully as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Senior Year
This course strives to deepen our sense of identity as a Catholic Christians; understand the vocations of life (how Christ calls us to live out our lives) and the important commonalities and differences between them. The class will focus on developing a deeper understanding of self (identity), other people (relationships), and the commitment to a Christian life of love (vocation).

Elective courses (choose one for Junior Year and one for Senior Year):
 American Catholic History
 Catholic Themes in Media
 Community Service
 Death to Life
 Philosophy
 World Religions