Performing Arts Department

Chair: Mr. Dave Allen: Vocal Music

Mr. Steve Geis '70: Instrumental Music

Mr. Jack Anderson: Instrumental/Vocal Music

Ms. Jordan Schad: Vocal & Instrumental Music

Mr. Gary Rogers: Dramatic Techniques/Theatre, Stage Crew Moderator


Course Offerings:


  • Beginning Instrumental Music
  • Instrumental Music I, II, III, IV (Marching/Concert Band)
  • Steel Drum Music I, II, III, IV
  • Additional opportunities: Stage Band, Pep Band, Indoor Drumline, Color Guard


  • Freshman Chorus
  • Choral Music I, II, III, IV
  • Additional opportunities: Ensemble, Vocal Ensemble

General Courses

  • Music History
  • Music Theory
  • Dramatic Techniques
  • Theatre

General Objectives
To make participation in music available to all students at Elder High School. 

Many of the opportunities afforded to young musicians are simply not available to others. We strive to provide these opportunities to any students who are interested, regardless of previous experience and/or natural ability.

To develop musical experiences that enhance students’ overall educational experiences.
Through their study of music, students increase discipline, patience, coordination, confidence, and persistence. Their experience in music will also teach them a great deal about leadership, cooperation, and sharing, and result in many lasting friendships. We recognize that few high school musicians make music a career. However, the mental discipline and thought processes required in the study of music are applicable in all fields of endeavor.

To provide a suitable background in music education for those students who elect to continue the study of music after graduation.
For some students, music is a career choice. For these students we seek to provide as many opportunities and resources as possible to increase their chances of success in the field.

To develop a lifelong appreciation for music and continuation of musical activities. Through their exposure to a variety of musical forms and styles, many students find new sources of enjoyment later in life. Even those who do not continue active participation in music after high school, find that they have developed a greater enjoyment of and appreciation for different styles of music.

To develop performing organizations that are a source of pride for the individual, the school, and the community.
Music students are ambassadors of school spirit and pride within the school as well as in the community at large, where they serve as highly visible representatives of the Elder student body. When they perform to the best of their ability, they leave behind a good impression of Elder High School, their organization, and each individual member.

Band Philosophy
Being members of the Band and Boosters is very important. We are a TEAM - a group of people (teachers, students, and parents) working together in a coordinated effort, towards a common goal. ¼BR>Each member plays an integral part of the band. Everyone works to develop his/her skill to make the team the best it can be. The team as a whole is only as strong as its individual members.

Participation in band greatly enriches the life of all members. The benefits extend far beyond greater musical knowledge and skill to abilities which are helpful in every facet of life. Being part of the band helps a student become a better musician, and more importantly, a better person.

Taking part in a group endeavor develops teamwork, leadership skills, self-discipline and confidence. Students learn the value of commitment, sacrifice, sharing, cooperation, and respect as they work together toward a common goal. As members work individually to hone their own skills, they develop discipline, patience, coordination and confidence. Helping others improve for the good of the group is a valuable lesson in leadership, cooperation, and sharing. Lasting friendships form as a result of working together.

The study of music also provides many opportunities and benefits. Music is a form of communication through which we can learn about our cultural heritage and express ourselves across the barriers of language, socioeconomic status, and ethnic background. Musicians are given many opportunities which are unavailable to others. The daily practice required to develop musical skill enhances self-discipline, patience, and persistence. Recent studies indicate that studying music develops logic, creativity and mathematical ability. Playing music can also bring great pleasure and provide a lasting source of enjoyment.

The Elder Band holds a proud tradition of excellence and works to keep the tradition through teamwork, hard work, discipline and reliance on each other to do our best. To continue in this tradition of success requires a high degree of dedication, effort, and pride on the part of each person involved. The experiences that you receive as a member of the Elder High School Band will be memories that will last for many years after you graduate.