Industrial Arts Department

Chair: Mr. Dave Buetsche '98
Faculty: Mr. Gary Rogers

Electives for Juniors and Seniors:

Industrial Design - The purpose of this class is to provide the student with knowledge of how to use the computer as an essential tool of industry. It is a basic computer drawing course in which students will utilize problem solving techniques to create effective designs in a professional, simulated client-based environment. 
Students will learn the fundamentals of design as well as explore both two and three dimensional space through the use of the AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, and the Google SketchUp program. Students will also be exposed to the language of design, the concept of meeting deadlines as well as the language used in various design environments. This course is especially beneficial to students planning on pursuing careers in product design, engineering, or applied sciences.
This course emphasizes the conversion of product ideas to attractive products needed by customers. The course consists of a series of design projects, of increasing complexity, culminating in the development of a large-scale design for the student's Final Exam Project.  Exercises include both AutoCAD technical drawings and product design methods. Resources for the design projects are presented in working studio sessions.

Technical Life Skills - Learn basic skills in carpentry, plumbing, wall covering, and basic masonry with an emphasis on home maintenance.