Health and Physical Education

Chair: Mr. Joe Schoenfeld '77
Mr. Phil Bengel '01 - Health
Mr. Tom Nugent - Health

Physical Education
Taken second semester of the freshmen year and first semester of the sophomore year.


  • To give the student an awareness of the importance of life long involvement in physical activities.
  • To help in the promotion and achievement of complete physical fitness.
  • To develop a sense of fair play, team work, sportsmanship, and appreciation of God-given talents in oneself and others.
  • To develop an understanding of sports skills, rules, strategies, and safety practices.
  • To introduce students to various athletic events which are available to them throughout the year in team and intramural settings.

The health course meets the needs of students in a modern changing world offering a comprehensive and current treatment of areas that are uppermost in the attention of the student:

  • Smoking, alcohol, and drug abuse
  • World Health
  • Nutrition
  • Mental health
  • Medical care, with emphasis on prevention
  • Consumer health protection
  • Health concerns of maturing young men
  • Accident prevention and first aid principles
  • Family life and family care
  • Study of the body systems and functions.

Students may opt to receive their Health and Physical Education credits through Elder's Summer Enrichment Program.