Art Department


Chair: Mr. Dave Buetsche '98
Faculty:  Mrs. Kim Plagge 

Art is a course that meets every day and on average has 15 – 25 students per class.  Art Studio I deals primarily in 2-D media and techniques include drawing, painting, collage, and printmaking.   Students are required to keep an art box with their own supplies.  There is homework, but like any other course, homework plays a key role in developing time management skills.  
Students who typically take Art Studio I like to make, think, discuss and realize that fine art is an asset to rounding out their core curriculum.   If an incoming freshman would like to make a sincere effort at being a productive art student, Elder affords him that special opportunity. However, don't worry if you haven't had much formal training in grade school.  Elder's art students produce some excellent work because much is expected of them.  If you are simply looking for a fine arts credit or a "break in your day," you are advised to take the much less intense survey course to meet that requirement.
After completing Art Studio I, an average of 20 – 30 students continue on in the art program and can choose from the following semester classes for grades 10 – 12: Drawing, Painting, Digital Photography, Sculpture, and Mixed Media Studies.  Full year art courses are offered to seniors and they include:  Senior Studio Art and A.P. Studio Art both in Drawing or 2-D Design which allows them to submit their art portfolio at the end of the year for college credit for college credit.  
We have, on average, about 5-10 seniors who take Art.  Of those seniors, 90% are looking to pursue an art related major and/or career after high school.  Elder's art program encourages its students to take their work to the next level; through off-campus workshops, local gallery shows, professional speakers and community-based projects, our students are allotted every opportunity for success.  With that being said, on average 4 – 6 senior art students are awarded merit-based scholarships to art schools or colleges.

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 Effort and Enthusiasm. An art student is self-motivated, likes to work hard and is disciplined to make sure he is doing his best work.  The student is committed to learning and enjoys being creative.  They do not give up easily.

 Intelligence.  The student likes to think, participate in discussions, find answers and make connections. We are looking for creative problem-solvers.

 Artistic Ambition.  Students entering art have varying degrees of talent.  However, as with any skill, consistent practice and a willingness to become better will make one's abilities in art more successful.  Even if you have talent, a student more importantly needs the other two traits to truly be effective as an artist.

Courses offered include the following:
Art Studio I 
Digital Photography
Senior Studio Art
AP Studio Art: Drawing
AP Studio Art: 2-D Design