Donating Stock to Elder

Stock can be donated to Elder High School or to The Altiora Fund to fulfill Annual Fund commitments, pledges to The Passport Campaign, creating/increasing endowed scholarships or to fund annual scholarships.

Donating Appreciated Stock

Stock that has been held for some time may have appreciated in value. What this means is that the current market value of the stock holding exceeds the value of when it was originally purchased. Selling appreciated stock will likely lead to the payment of a capital gain tax by the owner.

It may be advantageous for a donor to consider making a gift of the stock to a charitable organization instead of a cash donation, the reason being that under current law the full current market value of the stock counts as a donation and in addition avoids any capital gains tax.

When considering a stock donation it is advisable to first consult with a tax advisor or accountant.

Stock Gift Procedures

The most efficient way to make a stock donation to Elder is through an electronic transfer of the stock from your brokerage account to Elder’s brokerage account. This avoids the need for additional time and paperwork that may result from physically delivering a stock certificate to Elder.

If you decide to proceed I this manner you will want the commitment of your broker that Elder will be contacted when the stock transfer is made to assure that the correct date of your gift and the accurate gift value can be properly acknowledged.

If you decide to proceed with a stock gift to “Elder High School” or “The Altiora Fund” please contact Tom Reiring to further discuss these procedures and the purpose of your gift.

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