Scholarship Endowment

Elder’s graduates and friends have always recognized the unique values of an Elder education. In fulfilling the desire to perpetuate this opportunity to succeeding generations of young men, individuals, couples and classes began to create permanent scholarships in the early 1980’s. The donations are held in tact with only the annual income used to award tuition assistance to Elder students.

Since that time, these funds have grown to nearly 200 individually named scholarships thus providing increased support each year. Today, these endowed scholarships have grown to over $7 million.

We are extremely grateful to the individuals and families who have provided scholarship opportunities for our students. The scholarship funds provide approximately $300,000 income for tuition assistance each year. Most are need-based and some have special designations.

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If you would like to learn more about helping students in this manner please contact Tom Reiring.

Primary Contact:
Tom Reiring, Director of Development
3900 Vincent Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45205
Phone: (513) 921-3425
Fax: (513)921-8123