Your Gift of Planned Giving

The mission of Elder, “to lead young men to serve God and help others while pursuing Altiora in Catholic traditions throughout their lives” has been steadfast and unwavering since the humble beginnings in 1922.

The priest leaders of the Price Hill parishes created this first-ever diocesan high school with one of their own, Fr. William Schmitt, as its first principal. Over the years as tuition rose graduates responded to the needs through financial support in realizing the importance of helping kids get an outstanding religious, academic and extracurricular education. Today, with tuition above $9,000 endowed scholarships created by individuals and families along with Annual Fund and other current donations are helping over half of our students attend Elder with an average of $5,000 in tuition grants. In addition, to maintain our loyal and dedicated faculty, the Elder Family has provided support to reward these dedicated teachers through the Faculty Enrichment Fund.

You can help continue Elder’s mission by your participation in our planned giving program. Please click on the additional links for more detailed information on our Planned Giving program.

Primary Contact:
Tom Reiring, Director of Planned Giving
3900 Vincent Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45205
Phone: (513) 921-3425
Fax: (513)921-8123