The Altiora Fund

• The Altiora Fund”, a 501(C)(3) tax exempt fund created for the exclusive financial support of Elder High School came into existence in June of 2006. The Altiora Fund is set up to accept both current and planned/estate gifts. It was named after the school’s motto Altiora, pursuing the ‘higher things’.

• A two year study process including faculty, alumni and parents culminated in a comprehensive “Passport to Elder’s Future” task force report outlining Elder’s short, mid and long term needs. This gave rise to the creation of this unique new fund in the realization that the school would be moving into an extended major fund raising campaign. Thus, The Altiora Fund came into existence having the ability to accept assets and an array of major gifts.

• In March 2007, the Panther Athletic Complex Trust merged with The Altiora Fund thus transferring ownership of the athletic complex to the Altiora Fund.

• The Fund is governed by fifteen directors including Elder’s principal, graduates and friends of the school.

• As created, The Fund is intended to provide independence and financial security for the school in the future, as well as give donors a vehicle for major gifting through estate planning, capital gifts and the current “Passport Campaign”.

• The Fund can accept a variety of tax deductible donations with flexibility of applications. Gifts can be made as permanently restricted, temporarily restricted or unrestricted. The Fund enables the principal of Elder along with the guidance of the school’s administration, Fund directors and the principal’s Advisory Board the flexibility to use The Fund’s financial resources to best accomplish the short and long term goals of the school.

Primary Contact:
Tom Reiring, Director of Development
3900 Vincent Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45205
Phone: (513) 921-3425

If creating or amending a will, trust or other gifting document recommended wording is to “The Altiora Fund, P.O. Box 5203, Cincinnati OH 45205”. In matters of estate planning Elder recommends that benefactors consult with personal attorney/financial advisors before implementing such plans.