Elder At a Glance

The Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association (OCSAA) is a collaborative undertaking of the Catholic dioceses in Ohio and is governed by the superintendents of schools who serve as the OCSAA Commission. The purpose of the OCSAA is to strengthen Catholic school identity and mission and to engage Catholic schools in the ongoing improvement of student learning. The State Board of Education has approved the OCSAA Standards as comparable to the Ohio Department of Education's Operating Standards for Ohio's schools. In keeping with the mission of the OCSAA, this process has as its hallmark a commitment to continuous improvement. As each school engages in strategic planning, it moves toward the vision of a high performing school in which students are grounded in their faith life and achieve at high levels.

Alma Mater/Fight Song:

The Elder Alma Mater was written in 1933.  At the time, the school held a contest to write the lyrics to the Elder Alma Mater.  The winners were Walter Delaney and John Mulvey, both members of the Class of 1933.  Mr. J. Alfred Schehl wrote the music. Click here for the lyrics of the Alma Mater and other school songs.


Since 1923, nearly 22,000 students have graduated from the storied halls of Elder High School.  Today, one can find an Elder grad living in any of the 50 United States as well as in 22 foreign countries around the world!  Elder is blessed to have such exceptionally loyal, supportive, and generous alumni.  Click here for the alumni section of our website for more information.

Board of Trustees:

Elder is extremely fortunate to have a strong, well-qualified group of volunteers who have generously agreed to serve the school as members of the Board of Trustees.   The current members are:

Dan Averbeck '71Support Members: 
Rev. Anthony Brausch Kevin Espelage '91 (Administrator)
Bruce Broxterman '72Matt Flowers '94 (Alumni Rep.)
Joe Guck '86Rob Reid '86 (AoC Rep.)
Nick Hahn '63Jane Timon (Admin. Support)
Dr. Steve Herbert '80
Larry Weinheimer '93 (Faculty Rep.)
Dr. Rick Kohler '63
Ken Nortmann '83Ex-Officio Members:
Bill Poland '03Roger Auer '72
Matt SmithBrian Flaherty '92
Beth StacklinDoug Guenther
Beth Van OflenMaura Korn
Dan Vogelpohl '88Tom Reiring '88
Jack Walsh '79Kurt Ruffing '81
Jay Wertz '87Patrick Tucker



Coat of Arms:

Click here for full details on the history and significance of the Elder Coat of Arms.


Elder High School's enrollment for the 2017-2018 school year is 796 young men in grades 9-12.


Elder High School opened as a four-year high school in the fall of 1922 with an enrollment of 452 students and became the fourth high school in the City of Cincinnati.  Click here for a more thorough history of Elder High School and Archbishop Henry Elder.


To lead young men to serve God, others, and to pursue “Altiora” according to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.


“Altiora” ~ Latin for “to strive for the higher things.”  

School Colors:

Purple & White

School Mascot: